Dental diode lasers

Dental diode lasers

AED 42,000.00 AED 40,000.00

Clinical advantages of oral laser surgical knife

. Comfort: painless operation without anesthesia, good hemostatic effect, without suture;


The side effects of hand: mild discomfort, small scar, low infection rate of secondary;

Italy imported equipment, the professional medical laser, high power output, stable;

The clinical application of laser protection system for design, prevent all kinds of errors caused by the laser attenuation and damage;

The appearance of small fashion, easy portability, weight only 0.8KG;

The perfect human interface, color touch screen display, more intuitive, more convenient operation;

The built-in battery power supply system, suitable for all kinds of environmental treatment; *The highly integrated modular design, easy to repair.


Laser type: AIGaAs semiconductor laser

Wave length: 915nm + 10nm

Output power: 0.1W-6W, continuous adjustable

Refers to the light: 635~660nm, the largest 3R, 3mW class

Output mode: repetitive pulse, continuous pulse

Transmission system: 200 m, 300 m, m, 400 SMA-905 international standard optical fiber *Rechargeable battery, 4.2Ah, lithium battery

External power supply: input: 100~240V, 0.4A, output: 5V, maximum 4A

Cooling mode: air cooling

The clinical use of periodontal disease, dental pulp disease, tooth whitening, and the vaporization, cutting, coagulation, etc..



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