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Meter,Voltmeters 0-3/15V, Dual Range, Black/ White Colour Stand

Meter,Voltmeters 0-2.5/5A, Dual Range, Black/ White Colour Stand

Meter,Voltmeters Digital Range: 0-1.999V Meter,Voltmeters Digital Range: 0-19.99V Meter, Galvanometer 30-0-30

Meter Rule – Full, Hard Wood

Meter Rule – Half, Hard Wood

Meter Rule – Full, MDF (NuWood)

Meter Rule – Half, MDF (NuWood)

Micrometer Screw Gauge, 0-25mm, Regular

Micrometer Screw Gauge, 0-25mm, Superior

Microscope Cover Slips 22×22, Pack of 10gm

Microscope Student, Economy (All Plastic Parts) Eyepiece: 10X, Objective 5X,10X & 45X

in thermocol/Styrofoam carton

Microscope Student, Eyepiece: 10X, Objective 5X, 10X, 45X in thermocol carton

Microscope Student, with movable condenser, Eyepiece: 10X & 15X, Objective 5X,10X & 45X in White Mica faced wooden box and carton

Microscope Binocular, 45 Degrees Head, complete with coaxial mechanical stage, Halogen Light, Eyepiece: 10X & 15X/ 5X & 10X pairs, Objectives: 4X,10X,40X,100X,Variable

Packed nicely in Thermocol/ Styrofoam Packing Microscope, Travelling

Microscope, Dissecting

Microscope Condenser

Microscope Eyepiece 5X

Microscope Eyepiece 10X

Microscope Lamp (For Student Microscope) Microscope Mechanical Stage

Microscope Mirrors

Microscope Mirror Holder

Microscope Objective Lens 4X

Microscope Objective Lent 10X

Microscope Objective Lens 15X

Microscope Objective Lens 40X

Microscope Objective Lens 45X

Microscope Objective Lens 100X

Microscope Objective Lens 100X Olympus Type Microscope Prepared Slides,Animal

Microscope Prepared Slides, Plant Microscope Prepared Slides, Monocot Root Microscope Prepared Slides, Dicot Root Microscope Prepared Slides, Dicot Stem Microscope Prepared Slides, Monocot Stem Microscope Prepared Slides, Liver Fluke Microscope Prepared Slides, Cheek Cell Microscope Prepared Slides, Paramecium Microscope Prepared Slides, Hydra Microscope Prepared Slides, Malaria Microscope Prepared Slides, Red Blood Cells Microscope Prepared Slides, Stomata Microscope Slides, Pack of 50 (Blank) Microscope Slide Box- 25 Slots- Plastic Microscope Slide Box- 50 Slots- Plastic Microscope Slide Box-100 Slots- Plastic Microscope Slide Box- 50 Slots- Wooden Microscope Slide Box-100 Slots- Wooden Microscope Stage Clips, Pair

Molecular Model, Diamond

Molecular Model, Graphite

Molecular Model, Sodium Chloride

Motor & Pestle 3″, Fully Ceramic

Motor & Pestle 4″, Fully Ceramic Multimeter Digital

Navigating Compass

Newton’s Colour Disc, 6″ diameter

Newton’s Ring Apparatus

Nichrome Wire SWG 24, Roll of 75

Nichrome Wire SWG 26, Roll of 75

Nichrome Wire SWG 28, Roll of 75

Nichrome Wire SWG 30, Roll of 75

Nichrome Wire SWG 32, Roll of 75



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