Micro motor unit

Micro motor unit

AED 650.00

Micro motor(Self-production)

1. Desktop work system, vertical ergonomic design.

2. Multi switching function, easy to change desktop style into knee control with mounting bracket.

3. Variable foot pedal, operated by foot or hand.

4. Digital speed display window, low noise, low vibration.

5. Max speed 50,000rpm, 7.8N.cm.

6. Reversing control switch

7. Non-carbon brushless type.

8.Guarantee time: 1 year.

Control unit

Voltage: 100-120v /200-240v 50/50Hz

Electric power: 100W

Motor handpiece

Non load: 1,000~50,000rpm Max torque: 7.8N.cm

Bur size: 2.35mm

Electric power: 230W


MOQ – 5



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