Panoramic dental X-ray unit

Panoramic dental X-ray unit

Revolutionary SCSRS imaging plates,the most abundant procedure can provide more clinical diagnosis message and jaw image information.

The advanced scanning makes image reducing and definition reach a high level.
Scan localization is more accurate,less image interference ,to get more precise,truer clinical diagnosis message.

Technical Parameter
Input Voltage:220V ±10% 50Hz±1Hz fuse≤1Ω
Input power:Instantaneous loading:2500W,standby mode:110W 0.5A Fuse:15A (Φ6*30)
Anode voltage:Auto 60KV-88KV,Manual 60KV-88KV
Anode current:Panorama 12mA ±20%,TMJ 12mA ±21%
X-ray tube:X-ray generator:high -frequency,DCgenerator
Focus spot size:0.5mm*0.5mm
Zoom in:1.20-1.30
Total filtering:2.5mm Al
Exposure time:Panoramic 14s,TMJ 3s*4
Film size:150*300mm
x-ray cassette: meisheng 150mm*100mm
x-ray intensifying screen:MEISHENG MSL-40
Vertical range of tube head:853mm -1643mm
Lifting device:manual electromagnetism locked
Net weight:160kg

304KG 2.34×0.9×0.96 m



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