Portable X-ray unit

Portable X-ray unit

Portable Dental X Ray unit

It use new technology and process to make the normal product to be diversified. The dentak x ray unit has the advantages of high- efficiency, Clear imaging, Loe leak radial. It is easy to carry and place.

Technical Specification:
Tube Voltage:70kV
Tube Current: 1.5mA Time Exposure:0.1~~1.6(s) Frequency:30kHz
Rated Power:60VA
Focal Spot To Skin Distance:110mm
Focus Spot Size:0.3mm
Charger Input Voltage: AC100V~240V±10% Input Voltage: DC16.8V
Supply Frequency: 50/60Hz±1%
Radiation Leakage: <0.025mGy/h Battery: DC14.8V/6500mA 6KG 36*29*25cm



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